Ejari registration is the system implemented by the Government of Dubai which is used to register any Dubai tenancy contract with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

All contracts should be registered with Ejari Dubai to ensure that the Dubai rental market becomes one of the most transparent in the world and ensure peace of mind for both tenants and landlords alike.

Registering your tenancy contract in Dubai is now mandatory for:

  • New/renewal of residence visas
  • Media/internet connection
  • Obtaining a commercial license
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Acquiring a liquor license

The translation of Ejari from Arabic is ‘My Rent’ and in the case of the new government legislation it signifies an innovative program which will move the Dubai real estate industry to be among the best controlled rental markets on the planet.

Ejari is an initiative of RERA aimed at regulating the Rental Market of Dubai. It is a novel system that will enable Law No. 26 of 2007 to become effective. It is designed to manage the relationship between concerned parties, namely the landlords and tenants in Dubai. Ejari registration is required by all individuals and companies renting or residing in Dubai.

RERA announced that from the 14th March 2010, all lease contracts for Dubai properties shall be recorded.

The Ejari digital registration service is designed to meet the demands of this new legislation. RERA’s vision and objective is to establish a robust regulatory system for those in the rental market to safeguard the legal rights of everybody involved.

The innovative e-registration process gives a guarantee of legal rights to all people with a tenancy contract. The aim is to ensure all these rights are acknowledged, upheld, and put in place by all Government departments. It will create complete clarity between the landlord and tenant and incorporates all aspects of the rental agreement within the legal structure.

The Ejari system offers a complete collection of services over and above registering the rental agreement. Cancellations, renewals, terminations and transfers may all be logged. Ejari will make sure leasing is fair to all people involved and that their particular terms and conditions are shown complete consideration.

Please be informed that as per new Ejari regulation from October 2015 ejari registration is not automatically removed from Ejari system after its expiry date. Tenant or landlord is obligated to cancel the previous registration before applying for the new one.

Registering Tenancy contract with EJARI Services.

  • Go to nearest Ejari services registration center.
  • Please take with you below documents
  • Original tenancy contract
  • Your passport copy with valid visa page
  • Owners passport copy with valid visa page
  • ü Title Deed copy (copy should be clear)
  • AED 200/-
  • Please visit http://www.ejari.ae/ for latest updated requirement.

NOTE – this is responsibility of owner / tenant; Agent might charge you additional fee for assisting you in this services.