Move in permit

Move in permit

How to get your move in/out permit in Dubai

Communities and areas that require move in/out permits:

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Legacy Park
  • Arabian Ranches
  • The Springs
  • The Meadows
  • Dubai Marina
  • The Views
  • Emirates Hills
  • The Greens

Reasons why buildings require move in/out permits:

In November 2013, Emaar issued a circular announcing that all properties developed by Emaar will now require residents to obtain move in/out permits. The developer said the decision came for the following reasons:
  • Smooth access into the community for new residents.
  • Current contact information for all residents is kept up to date.
  • Information is available on assistance required for any resident with Special needs, in cases of emergency evacuation.
  • Site supervision of any move (in or out) takes place, to ensure that any damages that might occur in the common areas are recorded and rectified promptly.
In addition to the points mentioned above, the permit also ensures that all services fees have been paid by the landlord before the tenant moves in or out.

How to obtain the permit:

Download Move in / Move Out Permit for Emaar move in/out application form and the documents required to obtain the permit, or email: ( please add a download link here )

Once the form is submitted to Emaar, the company would take 5 days to process the request and issue the permit. This is why residents moving in and out are advised to submit the form five days prior to their moving date.

6 things you MUST do before moving out

1. Book a moving service
Booking a moving service in advance will give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on other tasks ahead of you. Some services would even pack your things for you!
When: book the service 1 or 2 weeks ahead of time.
How: you will find everything online; make sure you get quotes from different movers.

2. Transfer your connection services
Take some time off to head down to your internet provider’s center and put in a request to transfer your account to your new address, or cancel your current account.

Carve out some time to head down to your nearest Etisalat or Du center to put in a request to transfer your line. Once you’ve applied for the transfer, the technician will come to connect your line in 2-4 days.
When: 2-3 days before your moving date.
  • You will need your passport copy or Emirates ID copy, and a copy of your new tenancy contract
  • A small transfer fee will be added to your next bill – the amount of the fee depends on the services you are willing to transfer.
  • The technician will come to your new house in 2-4 days.

3. Disconnect your DEWA account
Disconnecting your DEWA account is very important before moving out. If you do not disconnect the account you will continue to receive bills even after you have vacated the property.
When: 7 days before your move
  • You will need your passport or Emirates ID copy, and your previous DEWA bill
  • You can either submit your form online or go to the DEWA office directly.
  • After 2-3 days of processing, you will receive your final bill.
  • After receiving your final bill, pay it in the DEWA office and collect your deposit.

4. Get a moving permit from your building
Some buildings in Dubai require tenants who are moving in and out to have obtained moving permits.
When: Talk to your building supervisor to find out about the move-out procedure at least a week in advance.
How: The procedure is different for every development. For example, Emaar buildings require tenants in the process of moving to submit a tenancy contract, Ejari, passport and visa copy, a week in advance before issuing the permit.

5. Restore the house to its original condition
If you want to make sure you get your deposit back, you need to restore the house to the condition it was in when you first moved in. You might need to hire a cleaning service a day before you move out, or even repaint the walls, depending on whether any damage has been made. Make sure you remove all of the furniture and leave nothing behind, otherwise the landlord has the right to charge you for a removal service.
When: Schedule for a cleaning service 1 to 2 days before you hand over the keys.

6. Get your deposit back
After you have handed over the keys and made sure the property has been restored to its original condition, ask your landlord to give you back the deposit. As long as the property is in its original condition, your landlord should not withhold any charges, and the deposit should be paid back in full.