Majestic Vistas at Dubai Hill Estate

Your Home, In Every Sense


The garden-fresh air when you rise and shine


Experience the reviving scent of nature from your doorstep. Take a stroll along the winding walkways and golf course past the water features. The smell of freshly cut grass has never felt this extraordinary.


  • 1,730,700 Sqm of Green Open Spaces
  • Never-Ending Views of Nature



Experience the comfort of your plush 6-bedroom villa

Enveloped by the epic landscape of Dubai Hills Estate, the six-bedroom villas are equally alluring once you step inside. Impressively proportioned, richly styled and flooded with natural light.
  • Create Memories and Celebrate milestones
  • Reconnect with Nature in Your Garden
  • Feel the Breeze from The Golf Course



Indulge in social gatherings in a signature ambience


They say that the kitchen is the heart of your home. At Majestic Vistas, you will have two. One to share with your family, the other to entertain friends. Both for focusing on what matters the most.


  • Two Kitchens
  • Lawn & Walking Trails
  • Private Garden
  • Formal & Family
  • Living Area
  • Children’s Playground



Lead a golf lifestyle, strike a chord with nature



Marvel at prime views of the immaculate fairways


Payment Plan

  • 5% Down payment
  • 5% within 30 days from day of booking
  • 5% every 4 months from day of booking
  • 15% on completion
  • 5% every 4 months from completion
  • 15% 36 months from completion

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