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Looking for a place to work, learn, and grow – not just for a contract or two, but for a career? We have a range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities available and we are always interested in finding quality candidates.

What Makes La Capitale Different?

La Capitale believes that hiring the right people is absolutely essential for the long-term financial success of any business. It’s irrelevant how good the products and services are—long term they will not be effectively made, sold or delivered if we do not have highly skilled, right attitude, passionate & energized people in the right positions. At La Capitale, passionate professionals find a unique platform, where opportunity are created & shared to empower individuals, eventually allowing them to become their absolute best – to do unmatchable work, with exceptional colleagues, in a professional environment.

Our team comprises of individual entrepreneurs, who are experts in their fields, demonstrating high standard of professionalism, performance achievers and uncompromising brand ambassadors. La Capitale offers a fantastic infrastructure of support to its consultants to ensure success even during difficult times. We expect from every “Capitalest” a high level of performance and commitment to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We offer

Effective Marketing

  • Our renowned in-house marketing communication team designs and successfully executes exciting, intelligent and relevant marketing campaigns that deliver results. Our phones are ringing off the hook, with over 400 relevant leads a month of private and institutional buyers. Our weekly integrated communication campaigns include the following channels: leading newspapers, property and lifestyle magazines, SMS, Email (over 100,000), Exhibitions, PR, and SEO.

A bank of direct properties

  • Successful representation of owners or landlords requires a very systematic and disciplined approach. We have been privileged to represent over 500 direct and exclusive properties for various private and institutional landlords. This growing wealth of properties provides our consultants with the opportunity to match the right properties with the right buyers or tenants promptly and smoothly.

Unparalleled Network

  • Our solid network of contacts across established developers, renowned landlords, prominent brokerage firms and relevant government entities combine with our expertise in the UAE and global property regulations, to open any door for our ambitious and proactive consultants.

Fun and Inspiring Culture

  • Our attitude of relentless innovation is what enables us to achieve our goals by keeping fresh ideas flowing and reinvigorating us. The “Captialest” don’t only work hard, but also have a lot of fun at the same time. This is the spirit that truly enables relentless innovation and creates our inspiring-adept culture. Our official drink is RedBull.
  • With principles of integrity, honesty, knowledge & dedication as the corners stones of our philosophy, our systems and processes are a benchmark from international standards that focus on streamlining our business practices and improving our way of work.

Lucrative and Flexible Work Opportunity

  • At La Capitale we are entrepreneurs, we all have entrepreneurial spirits. We love to plan, manage, buy and sell properties. We are often called “serial entrepreneurs” and while we laugh at this phrase, we realize the truth resonated. Our work lifestyle allows our consultants to have flexible hours, offering the opportunity to participate in family events and take occasional vacations. Our lucrative and flexible compensation packages offer a life-time opportunity to realize our financial goals and achieve our dreams.
  • La Capitale Real Estate has created its niche client, inventory and listing integrated management system and software that has incited significant improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of managing real estate transactions. It is by far the most effective and easy-to-use solution to list, track and report client and inventory details.

If you are looking to further enhance your career with the leading independent brand in the real estate industry, please submit a copy of your updated CV to: careers@lacapitaledubai.com

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